June 2017 Minurwa

June 12, 2017 Minutes

All board members were present.

Meeting called to ordered at 7pm Minutes were accepted with a modification.

Financials. Balance $83,655.45 including $10,000.00 in reserve. Expenses $24,000.00 to Ace for grading and $600 to Vangarde for management.

Kalani Ingram was appointed to the board and approved unanimously.

Road Committee
Ace to use a grader and water trucks make improvements to the previous grading
They will provide AB after the monsoons.

Old business
The board approved payment for mailbox slabs. Eddie Garcia will provide AB as needed.
There was discussion that the forms were too weak for the amount of concrete needed. Steel
Stakes will be added.
Kolb Road will remain at the current location and raised 12” with AB.
Mann Road. There was concern that the slab was too close the private property. Jessamyn Trame spoke with the owner and checked with the county. The slab is not on private property. Slab will remain in the current location.
Wilmot road will be moved 25’ south and raised with AB.
Eddie Garcia, John Makin, Jason Cummings, Ken (resident) and Ron (resident) will work on mailboxes in Mike’s absence.

New business
Charlotte Krebs attended the meeting. She lives east of Kolb Road, but was interested in either
Joining the association or coordinating road maintenance. Joe will discuss with the attorney.
Beverly proposed notifying her of our maintenance schedule and supplying her with our grader’s contact information so that she can coordinate with them. EPOA would be responsible for payment of our roads and Charlotte would be responsible for anything done east of Kolb Road

Motion to adjourn by Terry, seconded by John at 8:20pm

May 2017 Minutes

May 8, 2017 Minutes

Mike Cobb was absent. All other members present.

Meeting called to ordered at 7pm Minutes were approved as written

Financials. Balance $75,015.45 including $10,000.00 in reserve. Expenses $600 to Vangarde for management.

Old business
There was agreement to move mailboxes to new location. The location is to be determined.

New business
Michael Cobb was removed from the board. Kalani Ingram was elected to the board.
Kalani wants permission to raise two hogs per year. Board will consider to case by case basis as hogs and milk cows are not permitted.
Robert Tappe spoke on his dissatisfaction with the most recent road grading
Little or no water
Raised blades for driveways
No steel compact roller
Ilona Metcalf was pleased with the grading of Camino del Toro between Mann and Kolb
Ace was present to discuss their road grading recommendation
We need material in order to maintain roads. There are too many rocks to grade without adding material
Ace has recommended adding AB. Ace can provide AB at $10.00/ton. Entrada will contribute $6000.00 and Ace will contribute $4000.00 for AB to improve the roads.

Motion to adjourn by John, seconded by Beverly at 8:20pm

May Updates

We had a very good monthly meeting last night. I was pleased to see concerned members at this meeting. My thanks to you all and I hope we can continue to have member attendance. We also have added 2 new board members. John Makin was appointed last month and Kalani Ingram was appointed last night. I would like to welcome them both.
At last nights meeting we discussed our roads( as usual) and while not pleased with this latest grading we decided to bring the contractor back as he explained some problems he had and offered to come back and do additional work on drainage and crowns at no cost. We are looking forward to what level of work we will receive. I will say the owner seems to be sincere and honest. This work should start in a week or two. We ask that you all be alert and cautious around the construction equipment. After that we are looking into possibly adding AB mix to our roads for hardness and dust control. We also ask that everyone drive the posted 15mph limit to help slow the erosion of our roads and keep everyone safe.
We also discussed the installation of community lock boxes. There will be enough for all and participation is voluntary. We are not sure yet if individuals will inform the P.O. or the association will. We will let you know. We will get the boxes for free but must put the pads in ourselves. The board has allotted $2500.00 for this project. The work will be done by volunteer members so if you want to help please contact our management company with your name and contact number.

Joe Terrible
EPOA President

Januarym 2017 Minutes

January 9, 2017 Minutes

All members present. Beverly Karsch was present by proxy.

Financials. Balance $52.031.17 including reserve.

New business Volney Morin moved to keep 2016 officers for 2017. The motion was carried.

There was discussion regarding road maintenance. There were not new ideas. Volney Morin, Eddie Garcia and Jessamyn Trame will meet to discuss written quotes for road work. Motion by Volney, seconded by Terry VanVorce to get written bid from Cactus Patch for an eleven mile grading. The Sahuarita Post office has offered lock boxed. Those interested should email or mail Colleen at Vangarde Management. The physical address is PO Box 17750, Tucson, AZ 85731

Old Business

The post office has offered to provide locked mailboxes, but need the residents to provide concrete pads for the installation.

Joe Terrible distributed copies of Cactus Patch’s liability insurance to the board.

Motion to adjourn by Terry, seconded by Jason. Meeting adjourned at 19:45.

January 2017 updates

Hard to believe that we are nearly half way through January already. We have had our first board meeting and elected officers for 2017. I am still president, Terry VanVorce is still treasurer and Beverly Karsch is still secretary. We discussed roads, as always, and we decided to put out bids again and see what kind of response we get. We have had no luck the last couple of times we did this. We also have requested a bid from a local company that has been interested in our business. Hopefully we can save a little money. We have not picked a date for our next road work, it will not be until after the February meeting where bids will be reviewed.We are still looking for those of you that want a metal PO box, send your name and address to our management company. That’s about all the information there is for now.
I have just one thing to say and I say it a lot but it is what keeps the EPOA going….annual assessments! This is our income for road maintenance and repairs. Generally we collect about 90% of what is due last year 2016 we only collected 76%..that’s a shortage of $13,642. We have several properties in collections now and I am sorry to say that we will be looking at more accounts to send to collections based on last years figures. We make it very easy for members to go on a payment plan in order to avoid collection procedures, which are very costly, so I ask all those that have fallen behind to contact our management company and set up a plan. Assessments went up $20 to $300 for 2017 this is a mere $25/month. Monthly meetings are the second Monday of every month at 7pm at the Sahuarita Baptist Church, except for holidays

Have a great year
Joe Terrible
President EPOA 2017

December Updates

As you know the annual meeting was this past Saturday, Dec. 3. Thanks to all of you that attended and
those of you that mailed in your ballots. We reached our quorum and a new board was elected and the new budget was passed. Annual assessments are now $300 per year. The new board members are;

Joe Terrible
Terry VanVorce
Beverly Karsch
John Avril
Jason Cummings
Eddie Garcia
Jess Trane
Volney Morin
Micheal Cobb

No first meeting was held by the board as all members we not present and we were serving hot dogs right after the meeting. The election of officers will be at the January meeting. I would also like to bring to your attention that the EPOA has a facebook forum, not a page. The forum was not started by the association, it was started by a member. I have joined it in hopes of creating more involvement in our association and to help get correct information out to our members. So if you aren’t a forum member yet please go on facebook and join. Pass the word to everyone you know as social media seems to be the way to get the word out. I look at it daily and will respond to any questions, issues asap.
We also got the opportunity to buy dirt for our roads, unfortunately we could only get 100 loads. We are in the process of having it dumped and worked into our roads. The dirt will be worked as far as possible on each of the 3 main roads and the A&S will grade the first 2 miles of each of the main roads. This should be completed within the next 7 days.
As always I invite you to attend our monthly meetings which are held the second Monday of every month(except holidays) at 7pm at the Sahuarita Baptist Church at Sahuarita and Country Club rds. Invoices will be sent by the end of this month and will include 2017 dues and any past dues owed

Joe Terrible
President EPOA

Meeting Notes, October 2016

October 10, 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7pm by Joe Terrible, president.
All members present. Charles Grier was present by proxy.
Minutes from September meeting read and accepted as written.
Terry VanVorce discussed the finances. We have $70,149.37 in checking
$10,000.00 in reserve savings
$80,149.37 in total
Cookout for Annual meeting appoved. Annual meeting will be held on December 3 at 11:00 am mst.

Cactus Patch is cleaning culverts on Wilmot Road

We need material. We will need about 100 loads. The board approved $10,000.00 for purchase of material for the roads. The material will be spread as it is delivered.

Cactus Patch need to provide proof insurance. Jessamyn will review insurance requirements. The board approved reducing Cactus Patch insurance requirements to $1,000,000.00.

The association will use Cactus Patch as needed, when proof of insurance is provided. There will be a written or electronic estimate of time and hourly rate per job prior to starting the job.

Motion to adjourn by Terry, seconded by Jason. Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm mst.

November Updates

Hello everyone it’s nearing the end of the year and I just want to remind you our annual meeting is coming. It is Saturday December 3rd at 11am at the Sahuarita Baptist church which is at Sahuarita and Country Club road. We will be severing hotdogs/bakebeans/coke/water after the meeting. Hope to see you all there. Remember you must be a paid up member to attend the meeting. You can send your money to our management company or pay at the door.
I have been made aware of the mail theft and box destruction problems we have been experiencing. I believe we can get regulation steel lock boxes from the post office. We have to provide the slabs.
I need the name and address of those of you that would want a box. Send the info to our management company. I will keep you informed of the progress.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Joe Terrible
President EPOA

Meeting Notes, September 2016

September 12, 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7pm by Joe Terrible, president.
All members present except Jessamin Trame. Beverly Karsch present by proxy.
Minutes from August meeting read and accepted as written.
Terry VanVorce discussed the finances. We have $69,000.86 in checking
$9538.52 in reserve savings
$78,549,37 in total
Expenses were $600.oo management fees, and $275.00 for emergency road repairs to Cactus Patch Landscape.
Motion made my Volney Morin to pay Eddie Garcia $150.00 for road repairs on Kolb Road. Seconded by Terry VanVorce. Unanimous approval. Terry announced that our next grading will start on Sept 19 by A&S Paving

A discussion regarding the annual meeting took place and it was decided to have the meeting on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at 11:00 am at Sahuarita Baptist Church. Alternative date would e December 10. We will contact the pastor as to the availability of the church. It was also decided to have an EPOS sponsored cookout in the parking lot after the meeting. This will depend on the approval from the pastor. An amount not to exceed $500.00 was approved.

Jason Cummings made a motion to raise the annual dues to $300.00, seconded by Terry VanVorce and unanimously approved.

Jason recommended a Facebook page for Entrada. This will be discussed a later meeting.

Volney moved to adjourn, seconded by Eddie. Motion approved and meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

2017 Board

It’s nearing the end of 2016 and the annual meeting is coming in December. Date and ballots
will be mailed out next month. If you wish to nominate yourself or someone you know for the
2017 Board of Directors you must submit your name to Vanguarde Mgnt. by Nov 1st. Their address
is PO Box 17750 Tucson az. 85731.or call 750 0422. Remember to be a board member your association fees must be must be current. Our meetings are the second Monday of the month(except holidays) at
7pm at the Sahuarita Baptist Church.

See you there

Joe Terrible