Neighborhood Watch

Dear Neighbors of Entrada Property Owners Association
In January of 2012 we started a Neighborhood Watch program. We had a couple of meetings were we went over what we as a community had to do to get started. We are supported by the Sheriff’s Aux. Volunteers of Green Valley. Which is a very unique Volunteer Division of the Pima County Sheriff’s Dept. We answer to the senior officer at the Green Valley Sheriffs Substation. SAV is very structured and very professional in everything from taking accident reports, house checks while you are out of town, traffic control etc. The big thing is not one cent of taxpayer money goes to this great organization, we buy our own uniforms after graduation from a six week very intense academy. We buy our own sheriff’s cars and SUV’s through the generosity of our own community. For example the White Elephant in Green Valley donates 20,000 a year to our budget . This is a prime example of people helping people through volunteerism. My name is Dave Stewart and I was voted in as the coordinator for our Entrada Neighborhood Watch program. It was a lot of hard work getting this great program going for our community, but it is now a reality. We now have two drive through’s a week of our area, if you go on vacation you can now call Green Valley SAV at 520-35-6744 and they will check your home weekly, you will need to leave a forwarding phone number in case of any problem. You can also call if any suspicious activity or you can call Dave Stewart at 520-762-9152 if any questions about how to effectively protect your home from burglaries. We will also post pictures on our bulletin board of any Pedophile’s in our area to keep our children safe so you will know how they look and were they live, this is public knowledge. We decided to make our well managers block captains, so if you are a well manager I would welcome the opportunity to let you know more about our program and get you onboard.

Thank You Dave Stewart