The Entrada Property Owners Association is a not-for-profit organization, originally created in 1988. We currently have over 300 Members in our Association and each Member owns a Lot or Lots of not less than 4.13 acres. With the main purpose and goal of the Entrada Property Owners Association being: to prevent nuisances or damage to the inherent beauty and attractiveness of the property; to maintain the character of the area; to secure for each lot owner the full benefit and enjoyment of his or her property, with no greater restriction on the free and undisturbed use of his or her property than is necessary to insure the same advantages to other lot owners” – the Entrada Property Owners Association is a unique community which strives to preserve the privacy that accompanies real property and acreage ownership.

The Entrada Property Owners Association consists of many acres and our main boundary roadways consist of Wilmot Road to the West, Sahuarita Road to the North, Kolb Road to the East and Foresight Road to the South. All of our Association roads are dirt roads and most of which are maintained by the Association in accordance with our Association controlling documents.

There are many children in our community of varying age ranges and our community sits in the Vail School District with regular bus routes and stops at Sahuarita Road and Wilmot, Mann and Kolb Roads. There are many equine enthusiasts throughout our community and many Members also enjoy raising various forms of livestock, poultry and agriculture.

All lots in Entrada Property Owners Association are zoned as Rural Homestead and thus, all lots may be used for/as “horse property”.
Any and all information regarding any Lot zoning restrictions and or all permits that may be required for construction, renovation, improvement or clearing of any Lot should be directed to the Pima County Development Services – Planning and Zoning. PLEASE BE ADVISED that Pima County zoning rules and regulations DO APPLY to our Association and Pima County will enforce any and all applicable zoning rules and regulations and may issue citations and fines for any deviation or act of non-compliance with all Pima County zoning regulations. For more information please visit the Pima County Development Services website at: http://www.pimaxpress.com/.