May Updates

We had a very good monthly meeting last night. I was pleased to see concerned members at this meeting. My thanks to you all and I hope we can continue to have member attendance. We also have added 2 new board members. John Makin was appointed last month and Kalani Ingram was appointed last night. I would like to welcome them both.
At last nights meeting we discussed our roads( as usual) and while not pleased with this latest grading we decided to bring the contractor back as he explained some problems he had and offered to come back and do additional work on drainage and crowns at no cost. We are looking forward to what level of work we will receive. I will say the owner seems to be sincere and honest. This work should start in a week or two. We ask that you all be alert and cautious around the construction equipment. After that we are looking into possibly adding AB mix to our roads for hardness and dust control. We also ask that everyone drive the posted 15mph limit to help slow the erosion of our roads and keep everyone safe.
We also discussed the installation of community lock boxes. There will be enough for all and participation is voluntary. We are not sure yet if individuals will inform the P.O. or the association will. We will let you know. We will get the boxes for free but must put the pads in ourselves. The board has allotted $2500.00 for this project. The work will be done by volunteer members so if you want to help please contact our management company with your name and contact number.

Joe Terrible
EPOA President