January 2017 updates

Hard to believe that we are nearly half way through January already. We have had our first board meeting and elected officers for 2017. I am still president, Terry VanVorce is still treasurer and Beverly Karsch is still secretary. We discussed roads, as always, and we decided to put out bids again and see what kind of response we get. We have had no luck the last couple of times we did this. We also have requested a bid from a local company that has been interested in our business. Hopefully we can save a little money. We have not picked a date for our next road work, it will not be until after the February meeting where bids will be reviewed.We are still looking for those of you that want a metal PO box, send your name and address to our management company. That’s about all the information there is for now.
I have just one thing to say and I say it a lot but it is what keeps the EPOA going….annual assessments! This is our income for road maintenance and repairs. Generally we collect about 90% of what is due last year 2016 we only collected 76%..that’s a shortage of $13,642. We have several properties in collections now and I am sorry to say that we will be looking at more accounts to send to collections based on last years figures. We make it very easy for members to go on a payment plan in order to avoid collection procedures, which are very costly, so I ask all those that have fallen behind to contact our management company and set up a plan. Assessments went up $20 to $300 for 2017 this is a mere $25/month. Monthly meetings are the second Monday of every month at 7pm at the Sahuarita Baptist Church, except for holidays

Have a great year
Joe Terrible
President EPOA 2017