Monthly meetings are second Monday of the month, 7:00, at the sahuarita baptist church. ~ Meetings Date Changes will be posted under “the Latest” tab above.

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President’s Monthly


We are continuing with our millings for dust control and will do so throughout the year as millings come available. Currently we have none but we are expecting some to be available by the middle of June. Also for your information the GV auxiliary police have said they will check on your property when you go on vacation for free. You need to fill out a form. You can call them at 520 351 6744 and … [Read More...]


Sorry it has been awhile since my last post, but in all honesty not much was going on. However this month we have begun the best road improvement project in my 14 years in Entrada. The board has gotten asphalt millings for only the cost of delivery. As of last week we started spreading the millings on Kolb road. We will progress from Sahuarita road south for 1/4 mile and then move on to Wilmot and … [Read More...]

Board Meeting Minutes

December 2017 Minutes

December 2017 Minutes All members were present. Annual meeting was called to order by Joe Terrible at 12:01 PM. Joe explained the ballot process. The annual assessment stays the same. The annual budget was approved. The income for maintenance was based on receiving 90% of the annual assessments, but we only receive 71%. It was agreed to change the projected budget for 2019 to … [Read More...]

October Minutes_2017

October, 2017 Minutes All members were present with the exception of Kolani Ingram. Meeting called to ordered by Joe at 7:02 pm. Minutes were approved as written. No financial report New Business: Vangarde (Colleen) requested a raise in the monthly fee to $650.00. The raise was approved and will start on January 1, 2018 Road Committee Cactus Patch should do more work on … [Read More...]