Monthly meetings are second Monday of the month, 7:00, at the sahuarita baptist church. ~ Meetings Date Changes will be posted under “the Latest” tab above.

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President’s Monthly

December 2017 From the President

Our annual meeting went well even though we were disappointed in such a low turn out. And I don't just mean at the actual meeting. We barely made our quorum of 35. I don't understand this as there seems to be a lot of criticizing of the board and roads yet no one steps up with any new ideas or to help. That said I would like to thank those of you that do participate. Our budget was passed and we … [Read More...]

Latest Updates

Hard to believe that 2017 is soon coming to an end. Our annual meeting is less than one month away. I'm sorry that I have not been posting on a regular basis. Not a lot has been going on. We have been trying to find a company that will actually start re-building our roads for a price we can afford. It isn't easy. We are on our third one. In December we will begin a new process and work on 1 mile … [Read More...]

Board Meeting Minutes

October Minutes_2017

October, 2017 Minutes All members were present with the exception of Kolani Ingram. Meeting called to ordered by Joe at 7:02 pm. Minutes were approved as written. No financial report New Business: Vangarde (Colleen) requested a raise in the monthly fee to $650.00. The raise was approved and will start on January 1, 2018 Road Committee Cactus Patch should do more work on … [Read More...]

Januarym 2017 Minutes

January 9, 2017 Minutes All members present. Beverly Karsch was present by proxy. Financials. Balance $52.031.17 including reserve. New business Volney Morin moved to keep 2016 officers for 2017. The motion was carried. There was discussion regarding road maintenance. There were not new ideas. Volney Morin, Eddie Garcia and Jessamyn Trame will meet to discuss written … [Read More...]